What You Need for Playing Ping Pong


Playing ping pong is fun. I can still remember the first time I held a ping pong paddle in my hand. When I hit the ball towards the other side, I can feel the resurgence of excitement coming from the mind to the hand. It is really exciting to play table tennis.

But before you step on the court and play your first game, you should bring these essential tools and accessories to be able to learn fast and to make it easy for you to adapt to the environment. You can get all of the products listed below when you shop online at Breja Art Sport. Here are essential items that you should bring when you are going to play table tennis:

Table tennis paddle

pingpongThis is one of the crucial tools that you need to bring inside the table tennis court. Your opponent can have balls to share with you but, most probably, you have to bring your own ping pong paddle. Is it okay to just borrow a paddle or a bat from a friend? Yes, definitely. But as a player, you will need to have a good feel of the paddle that you are using. Since you want to learn how to play ping pong, you should buy your own paddle. It will help you become a better player in the future.

You do not have to buy the most expensive bat in the market. You can buy a paddle that is durable yet cost-effective. If you really want to purchase a high-quality brand, you can still get special discounts if you use voucher codes for first-time buyers.


pingpongTo practice playing table tennis, you will have to bring table tennis balls. These items are pretty cheap. You can buy one for only a few dollars. But high-quality balls that are used in world competitions can be expensive. Since you are just a beginner yourself, you can buy a simple ping pong ball and use it while you practice.


You can find special discounts and great deals on table tennis clothing at Breja Art Sport. The apparel used in table tennis allows air to pass through to help you remove sweat and give your body some breathing room.

4 Replies to “What You Need for Playing Ping Pong”

  • I wanted to try table tennis. Even if I am twenty-five years ago, I want to explore new things and I think, this is the sport that I may like. I am not sure though if there are places in my area where I can play ping pong with people. I hope that this will develop into a new hobby for me.

  • Thank you for this article. I was supposed to bring my son to a table tennis camp but I do not know what items to buy for my child. I do not want to overspend on something that we can buy at a cheaper price. I will try purchasing online at Breja Art Sport and see the difference in prices.

  • Wow! It just hit me. I played my first table tennis match 20 years ago. Technology may have evolved and paddles have improved but the game is still the same. The rules of beating the opponent are still similar today as yesterday. It is all about the skills and the talent that the player has.

  • Ping pong is a great sport. But I’d rather play basketball and swimming than Ping Pong. It’s a very tiring sport, plus the fact that the ball is so small LOL

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